• De=outside diameter (mm)
  • Di=inside diameter (mm)
  • dc=diameter of central dished cap (mm)
  • Hi=internal height (mm)
  • Ht=total height (mm)
  • h=straight flange lenght (mm)
  • R=crown radius (mm)
  • S1; S2=thickness before forming (mm)
  • s1; s2=minimum thickness after forming

Hemispherical Head Made Of Sectors + Cap

COD. 0801
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Hemispherical Head Made Of Sectors + Cap, Sifea srl Hemispherical Head Made Of Sectors + Cap, Sifea srl
This product is supplied pre-assembled, bevelled and tack-welded between sector/sector and sectors/cap, unless otherwise agreed.
Ht = S + R + h
De R h* S
200 ÷ 9000 Di/2 on request 2,5 ÷ 60
* on request depending on R and thickness
h = it will not be straight but it will follow the forming radius
Edge preparation
Every request will be subject to a feasibility study. Depending on the required characteristics (dimensions, material, thickness) S.I.F.E.A. might propose different workings and cold or hot forming. If a dimension has a value out of indicated ranges, please do not hesitate to contact S.I.F.E.A. for a specific evaluation.
Rev. 01-2023