Our Certifications

The Quality System adopted at S.I.F.E.A., since its inception, has increasingly become an integral part of the life of the Company, being closely linked to the experience and professionalism developed in all these years.

The brilliant results have come thanks to a careful management of all the resources, economic and human, and the ability to solve the many market problems. All this is faced with the constant improvement of production by virtue of the investments that keep the company in line with technological development: it has been investing for years in the constant maintenance of the plants, but also in the training of technicians, and in compliance with the laws on safety and hygiene at work.

The certification of the Quality System is a further confirmation of the commitment made by S.I.F.E.A., and demonstration that the efforts and orientation to the quality of the Company have found full confirmation at the regulatory level.

Code of Ethics

S.I.F.E.A. undertakes to manage its business in an environmentally friendly way. Likewise, it requires that all its employees respect the principles of sound environmental, social and ethical behavior and that these principles be integrated into the corporate culture.

S.I.F.E.A. is associated with CNA - CONFEDERAZIONE NAZIONALE DELL'ARTIGIANATO E DELLA PICCOLA E MEDIA IMPRESA (Italian Confederation of Craft Trades and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises) and adheres to the Association's Code of Ethics, recognizing as fundamental and founding the system of values such as legality, compliance with the rules and transparency of the market. By virtue of this principle, it undertakes to avoid and refuse any contact with mafia organizations, organized crime and with those who practice coercive behavior also aimed at preventing free competition between companies.

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