S.I.F.E.A. S.r.l., an Italian joint-stock company, is specialized in the manufacture of dished heads and allied products used for producing pressure and atmospheric tanks.

Not only Dished Heads

The dished head is used in practically any field of application, including nuclear, boiler-building, structural steel, ship-building, foundry, wine and dairy industries, and in the fields of ecology and liquid and gaseous material storage.

Equipped with the most modern technologies but always focused on development and innovation, S.I.F.E.A. has established itself as an industry leader, achieving, over the years, flattering market positions thanks to which the company exports its product all over the world.

S.I.F.E.A. srl is also specialized in the manufacture of shells, conical heads, special flat heads and their straightening (after cladding has been added), and can handle even large thicknesses.
We also build hemispherical heads of any thickness and diameter, and do hot- and cold-forming. We machine ferrous and non-ferrous materials, clad materials, titanium, and other materials on request.

Dished Head