Ordering tips

In making requests for budgetary offers, it is advisable to indicate at least the following data considered essential:
  • Quantity
  • Type of head or product to be made
  • What kind of material it is to be made of

  • Diameter of the finished head, specifying whether outside or inside
  • Dish radius and knuckle radius
  • Straight flange height
  • The kind of bevel (unless otherwise specified, the edge is presumed to be unfinished)
  • Indicate whether the head has a centre hole or not

  • The type of heat treatment where requested, or reference standard
  • Whether non-destructive testing is required after forming
  • Whether special mechanical testing is required before or after heat treatment
  • What kind of inspection the product should undergo (PED, ISPESL, TUV, ASME, RINA, AFNOR, DET NORSKE VERITAS, LLOYD'S REGISTER, BUREAU VERITAS, ecc.)
For products of an unusual size not contemplated on the products page, please attach a technical drawing featuring all dimensions in a clear, intelligible manner (including the unit of measurement adopted). For this purpose, it is a good idea to refer to the technical sheets provided for the heads when entering dimensions and symbols on the drawing.