• De=outside diameter (mm)
  • Di=inside diameter (mm)
  • de=outside beading diameter (mm)
  • di=inside beading diameter (mm)
  • Hi=internal height (mm)
  • Ht=total height (mm)
  • h; h1=straight flange lenght (mm)
  • r1=knuckle radius (mm)
  • S=thickness before forming (mm)
  • s=minimum thickness after forming

Inwards Beaded Elliptical Head (Drop-Forged)

COD. 0065
Inwards Beaded Elliptical Head (Drop-Forged), Sifea srl Inwards Beaded Elliptical Head (Drop-Forged), Sifea srl
In the elliptical bottoms the radius of curvature varies with continuity along the entire internal profile. Generally, the following ratios may be considered for the calculation of dimensions only:
R = 0,9 Di
r = 0,171 Di
Hi = Di/4
Ht = S+Di/4~+h
(Ht before cutting of the hole)
Di h* S r1** h1
400 ÷ 2100 on request 15 ÷ 60 >20÷acc. mold available on request
* on request depending on De and thickness
** on request but depending on the available mold
Every request will be subject to a feasibility study. Depending on the required characteristics (dimensions, material, thickness) S.I.F.E.A. might propose different workings and cold or hot forming. If a dimension has a value out of indicated ranges, please do not hesitate to contact S.I.F.E.A. for a specific evaluation.